We’ve been pranked…

There’s a lesson in everything.

Today some of the seniors at my high school decided to “prank” the campus. Roll out the TP and chickens – whoa! Chickens? Yeah. Chickens.

It’s that humdrum time of year before spring break but after the glory of winter break….kind of dull days with clouds and rain and everyone just slogging along.

So this elite group pulls a late night decorating gig – and they used the soft double-sided stuff.

Then before dawn they returned to hammer out their tag on the lawn with paper plates and plastic knives. The big old “2010.” Or class thereof.

And the final touch…six hens and a rooster penned in the middle of the quad. Needless to say, the administration was – tickled and laughing. Why? Well every student entering campus was smiling and laughing, thinking something had been pulled over the “Man’s” eyes. No one (or no critter) had been hurt and there was no real vandalism. Oh – and the perps volunteered to clean up their mess once the fun was over. Doesn’t get any better.

Yeah…I love my school and my kids.

Oh yeah – and the lesson. Always have a camera handy and don’t be afraid to get the shots. My video kids managed to get a brief story on the air using some stuff I grabbed on the way to class…the TPing, the front lawn logo and the chickens…

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