The saga continues…

My senior with a new Sony hard drive camcorder reported back (as mentioned in the update below) that he could not import and edit with his new camera on his older computer with Windows Vista.

After trying to open and convert with QuickTime Pro (four year old version) we opened up iMovie9 and had success. Seems his camera shoots to Blue Ray ACHVD…DVD files of all things it seems (yeah, more research).

Then after school one of my senior’s wandered in with a similar sad story. She had a Panasonic still camera that shot to Quicktime, but could not open the video files she shot with it in Windows MovieMaker. Since QT is native to Macs, any of my programs could handle them…so overnight I’ve converting her files to .wmv files to work with her computer, although she may choose to use a friend’s Mac and iMovie and import the QT as is – she really loves the quality.

And yeah…MovieMaker does take .avi files, but we did a quick conversion comparison, and QT is best, followed by .wmv and at the bottom the very pixelated .avi.

1 – know the vintage, processor speed, RAM of your computer.
2 – know the vintage of your operating system
3 – know the capabilities of your editing program(s)
4 – do the research BEFORE you buy anything new

What will tomorrow bring? Hmmmm….

2 thoughts on “Incompatible…

  1. I agree — it’s crap. I’m guessing theres a good reason why these things don’t record in a reasonable format. Perhaps due to the cost of compression chips for a format like h.264 or avoiding licensing costs.

    But it’s still a crap experience.

  2. Probably more like the continuation of the revolution in dominance. Goes back to Beta v. VHS, then straight into mini-dv, and now it is the varying DVD formats and file formats. They want their format to be the winner…but staking out ground before people have the goodies to use it…I don’t know. From a marketing standpoint, I understand. From a consumer’s standpoint, I think you need to keep the consumer’s needs in mind.
    And come to think of it, Apple did the same thing w/OS X. I suffered through their insistence that they would not support Classic after a certain point. Microsoft is doing the same thing with VISTA now.

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