My bag over-runneth…

For the past few years I’ve been re-working my gear bag – what I carry around with me every day.

First there’s my “purse.” What I think it actually is, is a hunter’s ammo bag. Roomy with compartments for my goodies (in addition to what normal folks carry)…the bullet loops hold pens. The pockets hold HV20 batteries and tape. The front pocket holds my lav mike nicely.

Today I put it all together in a camera bag and realized I had my dream bag. A good camera, several mikes, room for tapes, lenses. Here’s what it looks like and here’s what’s in it. Add a tripod, and computer in bag and you have a mobile VJ kit.

Canon HV20 camcorder (with 3mp still capacity)
Three batteries
Sony VCL-2052 2x tele converter
Phoenix Super Fish Eye .25 converter
Azden ECZ-660 short shotgun mike
Stick mike (OK – this I swiped from my daughter’s Karioke remnants)
Radio Shack 33-3103 laveliere mike
Canon remote
Blank tapes & head cleaning tape
GREEN gaffer’s tape (what a friend gives a friend on a birthday – thanks Newell)


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