THIS is gonna be good – if the author can keep up the pace. She is writing what nearly every newsie thinks at some point. “Why the hell are we covering this story. AGAIN!???”

A good point – which I hope the NewsQueen gets into more deeply. Why do we keeping covering the obvious – rather than ignoring it and looking into more worthy stories. Yes, it is (choose one) A-raining, B-snowing, C-neither, D-hot. Shades of Blue Canyon – a live shot hot spot I’ve had the fortune to only set up at a few times.

Read something a while back (wish I could remember where…) that the audience doesn’t CARE what other people think about news – they just want the news.

Thanks to Lenslinger for the heads up.


3 thoughts on “localnewsqueen.com

  1. Understood – but is she is employed, understandable. Also – do we know that she is a she? Or even a reporter? I’m trusting, but also questioning (and also enjoying).

  2. Exactly why I have serious issues with “Its” anonymity. Several of “Its” post are edgy and suggest a, “I’m better than you are” opinion (Tigger t-shirt mom of dead child, sunglasses guy, old women who buy vegetables, etc.) Just doesn’t set well with me unless she owns hers words. Even with her signature, there is bias present… She hate protesters. I say put your name on it– she is after all a paid journalist, not a comedian. I emailed her with my concerns… no response.

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