The queen is bitter…

Been following localnewsqueen for a while now and am becoming disappointed. While the initial promise was there to point out failures in broadcast news (and hopefully ways to fix them), what I’m reading is more personal rants and complaints.

From coroners and oranges to the post office and potholes and reposting youtube videos I’ve seen before…the variety is there, the concept is there, but the writing is becoming weaker…less about news and more about her.

I’ve had a couple of friends in the biz point out the ethical issues of anonymity in a blog such as this one…a journalist exposing the guts of TV news. Yeah, that bothered me…and I’m beginning to suspect the reason for secrecy is that these stories may not be about one person.

Posted on the blog is the following:

Vent to the Queen
Do you work in local news?
Share a story:
(Your name and email will remain anonymous)

So are these her stories, ideas, rants? Or someone else’s?

3 thoughts on “The queen is bitter…

  1. I think you are being WAAAAYYYY unfair. Bitter?

    What were you hoping her blog to be? I think it was sorta obvious she was going to fry our industry from the beginning.

    Did you hope to get something more from this site?

    Help me out. (love yours by the way)

  2. I don’t mind sarcasm, but there is an edge that concerns me. I knew she would blast the industry – and have no problem with that, but hoped for….hmmmm, not exactly sure. Maybe it’s just her writing style that irks me. And her scorn for so many in the industry…she seems to look down at everyone – from co-workers to the viewing public.

  3. Anonymity is rarely good in journalism (A good example of anonymity: fighting for human rights and fearing death for speaking out)… whether you be Local News Queen, or See Monkey… own your words or shut up.

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