School Board Serendipity…

Just got home (12:30) from a school board meeting. Rather strange – nearly every major vote or action touched on my present or past life.

A charter independent study school lost its bid when the board had a tie vote, which essentially was a no vote. Independent study in my district has a waiting list. Why did they not approve it? It is a valid alternative – which I feel should be widely used throughout the district, not just for students falling between the cracks.

Next up – the closure of Clements School. Hey! I graduated from there in 1968. Again a tie vote mean the action didn’t take and the school stays open. I loved that old school…went there for three years. I think the board heard the appeal of the board member, Bonnie Castle, who represents the area. The school in a small town IS the community. That and the post office. And Clements is small…

Job sharing came up next. A prickly issue…took the board a while to figure out what to do. They are in favor of job sharing…but didn’t want to micro manage the personnel director and really didn’t want to take action that would result in more folks coming in to appeal every personnel issue in front of the board. Something I am definitely interested in – considering easing out of education by going part time.

Blah blah blah blah…public comment, board comment. Time to walk the (guide) dog and wake up.

Around 10:05 the teachers’ union prez announced the vote of no confidence in the superintendent. 917 to 107. The board commented, showing support for the superintendent…thus sidestepping the vote.

Senior project had only a few speakers/none in favor of keeping it. One student who said it cut into college app time, an AP teacher who said it cut into teaching time, an administrator who said it wasn’t fair to require and not fund the project and me and Alexis, my very own senior. This was what i’d waited for all evening. Senior project is a great concept – but it has fallen on hard times. No money to support it properly and it is a barrier to students who would otherwise graduate. Board came out in favor of continuing to work on eliminating it as a graduation requirement.

Not a happy decision. All of my girls loved their projects – and learned a lot about their topic and themselves. But uneven grading and support doomed senior project. The luxuries must go when it is belt-tightening time.


2 thoughts on “School Board Serendipity…

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