j-Pad in the newsroom…

I love bright and shiny new toys as much as the next person, but am cautious when it comes to spending cash or plastic on the latest and brightest and newest. I’d rather wait for others to figure out the bugs – so instead of having iPad 1.0, I figured I’d wait until version 2.6 or 3.1.

But one bright TV station is bolding moving ahead by using i-Pads to replace – PAPER!

WFXL in Albany, Georgia, is using the new devices to replace paper scripts given to anchors on the desk as backup to the teleprompters. Yes, they’ll still use paper in the teleprompter, although apparently – yep, there’s even an app or two for that too.

But the annual savings in paper scripts for anchors and producers is around $9600…well worth the price of low-end i-Pads at around $499 each.

One thought on “j-Pad in the newsroom…

  1. Addendum: my local COE/county office of education is handing out FREE iPads to teachers in training because (so they claim) they can save $19,000 in paper costs annually. WOW.

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