My next camera will be a…

…memory card camera. Got a bit of a shock shooting a choir competition yesterday. The LCD screen in my little HV20 is showing green and blue streaks. Camera still works like a dream, but I know I’ll have to make the choice between a repair bill or get a new camera. Plus my original personal camera – a JVC GY-DV300 has been sitting unused for a while. I love that camera, but prefer the portability of the Canon. Is it time to unload them and settle on a new camera? Thus the mulling begins…

…so it’s off to B & H to do some research. Warning…this posting may take a couple of days to find closure (9:03am on Sunday, May 9, 2010).

Fist thing to do is go to camcorders…then (ego booster)…professional and then sort by price, beginning with the lowest price. Hey I’m a teacher. I scroll through doing my initial scan and stop at the page for the Panasonic AG-HMC40. Wowsers. We have the mini-dv predecessor of this baby at school and I love its heft and performance. $2015.

Back to scanning.

Next up is the current version of my old JVC 300 – the GY-HM100u.
The body I grew to love but now shooting to memory card. Definitely on the list and surprisingly at about the same price I paid for its grandmother – $2795.

Pushing my upper budget is the Panasonic AG-HMC150 at $3430.

As I go higher up the food chain I begin to salivate and get giddy when I spot the JVC 700.

But reality hits hard and now to check out the high end prosumer gear.

At $3500 the Sony HDRAX200 will go on the list.

And now for the bottom of the food chain. Consumer cameras. Finding one of these with a mike will be fun.

Just as suspected – the grand daughter of my HV20 turns up with mike input – the VIXIA HF-S21 at $1400.

The Sony HDR-CX550V for $1200.

The Samsung HMX-S16 at $1200 and the JVC GZ-HM1 Everio
for about $1100. That’s it for first impressions. Need to check the specs next. (May 9, 2020 at 9:50am)

Note – when I go into the next stage of research I’ll be checking specifically for the following:

Cost of memory cards required by each camera
Mike inputs/are they mini-jack or xlr
Lens length
Size and number of chips
Manual controls
Ease of use of menu
And one minor item…does it shoot stills (not a necessity, but my HV20 has spoiled me)

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