The right camera…

…is a very personal choice. A few weeks back I had a posting where I discussed possibilities for my next camera.

And now I’m torn between three. Fortunately there is no reason to rush, so I’ll continue to study and may even change from the two front runners.

The HMC40 leads the pack right now for pricing and features. Only thing I don’t like are the mini-jack audio inputs. It does have three quarter-inch sensors.

Next up the HMC150 with three 1/3″ chips AND XLR audio ins. Sweet but more than $1300 more than the 40.

And my last choice is the granddaughter of my old JVC GY-DV300u – the GY-HM100u. It is priced halfway between the above two with a shorter 10x lens, XLR inputs, and three 1/4 inch sensors.

The problem is I’m familiar with the bodies of each of these cameras and love them equally. Since I’m on a budget I suspect the 40 may be my choice. It’s all about compromise. What I can afford – what I need – what I’m really comfortable with. Oh – and what I want. And I do want to move on to the next new thing – and get out of tape.

Alert to all of you out there on tighter budgets: sometime in the next three or four months I will be putting my old gear up on eBay. Not the mikes, but probably cameras, the Bogen tripod, and lots of other random stuff.

It’s time to live light and clean.


2 thoughts on “The right camera…

  1. Go with the 40… it’s take my batteries from my 3 year old Panasonic DVC60 as well as the wide angle lens I have… and you know what’s mine is yours when it comes to shooting…

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