I ain’t no techno-geek queen…

…but for some reason I keep getting calls. My sister, who works for a Wyoming tutoring center, gave me a call about a couple of programs one of her teachers was trying to figure out. Articulate and Camtasia. Apparently one for recording and the other for creating programs you can post on the web for remote learning. The issue the employee was trying to get around was lousy quality when she recorded video – it was .avi format. The only thing we could come up with, after some discussion, was that she was using the free download demo of the program and it might intentionally be set at low quality until you paid for the real deal.

The next evening I was out cruising the Delta on the Drunken Hippo – well cruising isn’t quite the word. I was stuck on the rocks on the side of a levee due to high winds. Anyhow, a call came in from a former employer for help on a personal project…and eventually it turned into a real interesting discussion. Start with some very old 16mm film…some of it nitrate-based (yeah, I know). It needs to be dubbed to the highest quality video format available…which turns out to be Apple ProRes. Surprise to me…had to do some scrambling to play catch-up. The only editing program I could find quickly that could handle PR was (of course) Final Cut Pro. I’ll get into depth on this format later…it is a wowser.

Third call was my husband’s pastor. He’s just getting on board with a lot of stuff like Facebook and Twitter…and needs help producing some multi-media sermons. Now that’s something I can do – he provides content and I make it sing.

In the meantime I’ve continued to work with hi-def hell, and am just finishing up transferring my client’s four full quality high-definition videos plus web-size copies to DVDs to mail back. It is unbearably slow going from FC Express Quicktime files to standardized QT files and then to web-size files.

Not unwelcome calls…this is the type of stuff that keeps the brain spinning and active. And keeps me out of trouble.


2 thoughts on “I ain’t no techno-geek queen…

  1. Camtasia, there’s a name I’d like to forget. FYI, they consider AVI the “highest quality” they can provide even with the full version. A couple years back the State of Washington got some sort of deal for teachers to get the full version for free and naturally they all went hog wild installing it…I don’t want to dredge up any more memories of that episode beyond that.

    Camtasia videos look awful when played back unless the player is rescaled to the aspect ratio of the actual video and you use their propriety codec to record.

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