Oh, come on…

“This is one very strange posting by OS News.

The summary:

ALL modern video cameras and camcorders that shoot in h.264 or mpeg2, come with a license agreement that says that you can only use that camera to shoot video for “personal use and non-commercial” purpose…

Oh, come on…

This applies to everything from Flip to professional filmmakers – anyone who uses the codecs. It hasn’t been used yet, but lies in the fine print in those annoying “Yes, I Agree” boxes you always click whenever you pursue new technology.

Be sure to read the entire article AND the comments following. Scary.

I know I use prosumer cameras to make the occasional dollar and always thought I owned my video…MY intellectual property. Now it turns out someone else has their finger on my bank account and I didn’t even know it. Just by using technology, it appears I’ve given up something.


2 thoughts on “Oh, come on…

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