Some more thoughts on journalism…

It just feels good...

Been bouncing some thoughts around in my head…and thought I’d toss them out to see if there are any reactions.

Journalism is basically well-organized, well-written, well-produced content, or news. News is information. It has built into an industry employing hundreds of thousands which is read, watched, and listened to by millions.

Those millions in the news audience have always come to their favorite source for two main reasons. Trust and convenience. The trust in the credibility of the source – the industry. And the convenience of not having to track down information for themselves.

That was way back then – but this is now and of course the Internet has changed all of that. Large numbers of the audience still get their news the old fashioned way – from a news organization. Many more get their news the old fashioned way AND by searching and seeking what they are most interested in via computer/Internet.

The latter group thinks they have broken the bonds of waiting for a newspaper/TV news bulletin/radio update…however, all they are doing is grabbing what has already been sought out, researched, condensed, written, produced by journalists (of all ilks).

The paywalls are going up…while in contrast Twitter and other modes of communication challenge all but the most direct feeds from news organizations.

And while everyone is rushing around trying to save journalism…we need to remember that all the audience wants is information quickly and conveniently from a trusted source. Right now I have a number of options to get my daily dose of news:

1. online
2. get more online by paying a weekly fee
3. my daily delivered paper
4. tune in at the appropriate time for TV news
5. turn on 24/7 news radio

Habit prefers option 3 – the morning cup of coffee and the rustle of paper. Tactile is always good at sunrise.


3 thoughts on “Some more thoughts on journalism…

  1. As a friend at a local paper explained to me when I asked why won’t his paper drop the paywall. The newspaper industry groups consider a paid online subscription the same as a paid print subscription – in otherwords, its to pad numbers so they look better when selling ad space to advertisers.

    On the subject of online, there’s a Mizzou report out that I need to find again, where they have found that online bloggers and news outlets have not replaced the loss in coverage from the cutbacks in the traditional media outlets.

    (and I admit I’m currently stuck in the 1 position on your list when it comes to my news habit until I get around to constructing a DTV antenna)

  2. Didn’t know they could do that – always thought the numbers for online and delivered were different. Hmmm.
    Of course bloggers and outlets have not replaced the coverage from traditional news media. Few bloggers report original news and the news outlets who are the very ones cutting back are the online ones (again, with few exceptions).
    It takes a lot of money and excellent organization to cover news outside of a very small market.

  3. Yep, online subscriptions are the newspaper equivalent of a last place TV station using the July book to make themselves look good. And for the record, Ryan did try to plead his case for the paper to make their online stories free…sales and circulation won that battle.

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