Now you see them…

It has come to this. Opened my newspaper this morning and there was only a page and a half of classifieds – the (former) staple of income for newspapers. You know them. Lost and found. Cars for sale. Garage sales, used stuff, pets, boats, farm goods.

There are (remember, Stockton is the former Ground Zero for real estate meltdown) three and a half pages of legal notices of trustee sales.

Professional Services has expanded from about half a page in former times to a full page. This includes everything from bankruptcy to tree services.

I wonder how much longer I’ll receive home delivery out here in a rural area?

4 thoughts on “Now you see them…

  1. Or wonder how long your paper will exist period. Craigslist has done quite a number on newspaper classifieds. Minimum of $10.20 to run a one-day five line ad in your paper compared to posting it for free online…most people will take the free.

  2. You’re preaching to the choir – I’ve been teaching this for five years – craigslist and ebay are killing the classifieds. Grocery stores and auto dealers tend to stay with the paper, as do legal (required to publish in local papers) and services.

  3. After failed attempts to sell/give it away at yard sales, or give it away through local charity groups, I just posted a “free piano message” on craigslist and got a dozen replies in half an hour… (they pick it up tomorrow) had to pull it from the site to keep from being swamped by responses. YAY. FYI… Ms. Cyndy– can you say ROAD TRIP : )

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