It’s so…….old……

Last night for the first time in ages I sat and watched a full half hour of broadcast news. Not gonna name the station, but you can bet it was a local one.

I was borrreeedddd.

They had some good, relevant stories…but something was…out of synch.

And that something was me.

I’m an old fashioned gotta read it from the paper get my news the same way I always have dammit type of person. And I still sit down and loving run my fingers over two local papers daily…and a regional one Sundays. And I do listen to the regional all-news radio station. And catch the headlines on my local broadcast stations, both local and network.

But to actually SIT and take a half an hour of my life to watch news in the order deemed important by someone else? Nooooo!

I no longer view the anchors as family, welcome into my living room each night. They did their best, but I wasn’t buying this time for some reason.

Let’s go even more retro – take away newstalk, I’m your best friend anchoring and let’s return to the precise presentation of news by a pair or lone presenter ala Huntley and Brinkley. Just the facts m’am.

Oh – and let me know when the story I’m most interested is on without teasing me to distraction.



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