Danny Schueler…human packmule…

The neat thing about working in broadcast news is that often your competition becomes your friend. No – not the station. Your counterparts…those cameramen bearing other numbers on their mikes.

Working in a bureau for a Sacramento station, I saw more of the other bureau cameramen and reporters than I did of my own workmates. Them I’d see maybe once a month…but the competition almost daily.

Danny Schueler is good example. I’d seen him off and on since who knows when…the seventies? But once I went to work for KOVR in their Stockton bureau he became a part of my landscape…we’d meet at homocide scenes, 3am fires, chow down together at pressers. And now he’s posted this wonderful moment in time from what I would guess is sometime in the late 70’s early 80s on his Facebook page.

Yeah…Danny is a hunk…a former San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Deputy, he had the stance and stare to take over any story…and the heart to make anyone feel at home working next to him. And while we may have competed, we never really tried to take each other down. He could shoot over me (6+ feet to my 5’2″) and we kept the time honored code of working alongside each other to get the news out to our audiences. Not that either of us was unwilling to pull a quick one to get an excluuussive…generally we kept our hands and cards on the table for an honest game.

Danny, like me, is now retired. He has a houseboat too…but he lives on his while I just play with mine. And he’s still carrying glass…old cameramen (and women) never die…they just refocus.

4 thoughts on “Danny Schueler…human packmule…

  1. Love this CG – I won a bet with a guy one time who said, “how much does that stuff weigh” – the usual esp when we women looked like Danny here. I said I had no idea – I really didn’t, but we were standing next to a shipping scale. He said, “bet ya can’t guess your total weight with it all on!” I said I could get within 5 lbs. I won – I guessed 250 – I weighed in at 255. I’m 5’10” (or I WAS) — and not small, but now I know why my body felt so abused after so many years!

  2. never thought someone ever would say kind words about a competitor let alone about a TV photographer… Cyndy is a powerhouse in her own right… I saw her once six months pregnant out run me to a crime scene… It was a sight to see and needless to say impressive… Thanks for the kind words and most people haven’t a clue what it takes most times to bring the pictures and sound to our TV sets…

  3. Danny…you’re one of my favorites. Sweet and kind and able to fight alongside the best of them. We may have competed but I honestly think our real focus was providing information to our common public audience.

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