The parachutes have landed…

…and they are not us.

Local newsies often have to cope with big time attitudes when networks come to town to cover local celebrations and tragedies.

This is one such example, when ESPN parachuted into Folsom, California, for their prep game program. They came, they ran the show…and when they left, few were cheering for them.

The local media, which is out there on a regular basis covering high school sports, were cut out…told they couldn’t even be on the field during a high school football game between Folsom and Grant high schools. That was changed so the game could be taped from the goal lines…but still.

I’ve been on both sides of this issue…generally the side looking at the trampled remains when the networks pulled out. The taste left in the mouths of local residents and journalists is pretty bitter…because the job of the “big boys” is to get in, do their jobs, get out. They don’t have to care about tomorrow or deal with long term relationships.

But I’ve also been to major stories up in foothills and backwaters of my region…where the weekly paper is the mainstay and us “flatlanders” are the big fish passing through. That is when my job has been that of the invader – get in, do my job, get out.


Problem is, I never learned how to be uncaring and nasty, so that didn’t happen. Using people…sucking up to them, milking them for their souls, and then walking out…is wrong. News is, after all, about the human condition.


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