Living the good life (continued)…

This is a continuation of an earlier posting on P2 camera workflow.

So once you’re done in the field shooting with P2 it’s all good – back to same ole same old routine. Right?

Not quite. This is where my limited math skills do me some good. Let’s take a look at how much hard drive video takes up when you move from camera to computer. I’m using the five minute threshold, but ran some tests once and we’re really talking about 4:35.

VHS & SD digital video – 5 minutes equals one GB
High def from HV20 camcorder – 5 minutes equals three GB
P2 – 5 minutes equals six GB

With my old SD and HV20 HD I use 350 and 500 GB hard drives. Lynn works with terabyte drives. She needs storage big time since she can’t archive on any other media easily.

That was my P2 adventure. Shooting must be carefully planned – each shot must count. Be EXTREMELY careful when deleting files – you could wipe your entire card or day’s work if you push the wrong menu button. Plan ahead – make sure you have sufficient storage space – then double that. And finally, enjoy the amazing quality of your final product.

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