Journalism is a conversation…

…and now the audience is being asked to participate more than ever. Al Tompkins with the Poynter Institute did a posting today about how The Center for Public Integrity is asking the public to monitor the upcoming elections.

How? Well, apparently all kinds of dirty tricks go on all over the country and it’s just way too much to cover without a massive team, which they are asking:

to detect in real time examples of political dirty tricks, corporate ads, persuasive “push” polls, pre-recorded phone messages — “robo calls,” and efforts to discourage voters from showing up at the polls.

Check it out…there are “Click Here” buttons to report

-a campaign ad on television or radio that was clearly paid by corporate or union backed group. This information is being compiled by the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation and will aid the Center’s reporting.
-to send us details on a robo call or campaign mailer you received.
-if you think you’ve witnessed a suspicious survey, an effort to scare voters away from the polls, or a campaign dirty trick:
You can also submit audio, video, or images of any ads you’ve seen or received by sending us an email: We’ll take YouTube uploads, scans of flyers/mailings, or any other links you find.

This will be a fun one to watch. And just in case, I’m keeping my answering machine ready to record those annoying robocalls.

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