And speaking of OCD…

…I have a routine I seem to follow each morning. Get up, coffee, newspaper, computer. When on computer, check out the blog (to see if I have any visitors), email, traffic, weather, then my favs, with b-roll at the top of the list.

OCD serves me well and this morning b-roll rewarded me with a new goodie.
Seems someone has come up with a little gizmo to help you figure out your field of view with different cameras.

So who cares about field of view?

YOU should. It’s what your camera sees – what you see.

This free site put up by Abel Cine Tech allows you to kind of pre-visualize what a lens might do for your shooting capacities. Let’s say I’m shooting with my wide-angle adapter and you want one too cause my shots are soooo coool and different. Well don’t rush out and buy my lens unless you have the same camera model…cause depending on a camera’s chip size, the lens size will give a different picture in your viewfinder than mine. And the bigger the chip, the wider the field of view.

(the wise merchant educates his clients so they will return…)

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