Story Ideas 10.10.10

Procrastination is the game this week…

…what’s YOUR excuse. I have many, but that’s not the point. Why do folks procrastinate? Put off stuff for a few minutes (not bad) or days, weeks, even years (my brother got a three year old Christmas gift once, but he lives far far away, I didn’t have time to get to the post office, I kept misplacing it…you get the idea).

Story idea: what IS procrastination and why do people do it?

It might simply be forgetfulness or it could be avoidance. So, with my brother’s gift, I did forget about it…and then when I remembered, I just didn’t want to deal with taking the time to run over to the post office and wait in line.

Find out what the answers are in your area. And by the way, I did (for some unknown reason) keep mailing the gifts in between the one I forgot. It became somewhat of a symbol to me eventually, that forgotten gift.

Moving on…

OCD or CDO as a relative likes to call it. Obsessive compulsive disorder. (The reason for the second acronym is that folks who are truly OCD HATE to see the letters out of alphabetical order).

OCD is when you are compelled (for reasons onknown) to perform tasks in a certain way, a certain order…to keep items exactly aligned. Everything MUST be perfect according to your inner dictator. If it isn’t, you become uneasy or even frantic until order is restored.

My middle daughter went to culinary school and once had a chef/teacher who was OCD. For fun sometime in class she’d move one of his knives (all perfectly lined up on the counter) just a fraction of an inch…and when he turned around he would always move it back. Didn’t even realize he was doing it I bet.

Story idea: is OCD a good or bad thing? How can it benefit a person or – how can it create problems?

Organization does help make the world move in a more orderly fashion. Getting work done efficiently is good. Knowing where to find what you need is good. Libraries have filing systems just for that (thanks Mr. Dewey). People even make a living as efficiency experts.

But OCD can be a monster, consuming time and distracting from more important work. Constantly re-aligning pictures that are just a hair off, picking up lint, performing minor, even useless tasks before moving on to actual work can be crippling. Think Monk of the TV series. Somehow it worked for him, but it also made him an oddity.

I’ll rejoin you next week, assuming I remember and don’t put it off. Now let me get back to rearranging my spice rack in both alphabetical order and by size…

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