You’re only as good as your last shoot…

…when applying for jobs. A conundrum for me – I have some totally amazing work from the past, but nothing recent. Been spending way too much time on my duff pondering and writing. The curse of age.

What brings this on? A great posting by Chris Dunn from 10,000 Words on how and why to keep an up-to-date portfolio. While meant for still photogs, VJs can certainly take heed.

First – the three reasons to regularly edit your portfolio (my comments in parenthesis):

1. Forces you to revisit your recent work (time can reveal how old your work is – while my shooting is still steller, the quality of the video and editing patterns are a tell-tale).
2. It helps you notice patterns that you may want to change or continue. (In my years in the field I went thru several “style” changes…the worst being the early 90’s shoot like an idiot phases which aped the worst of the trend of stuff shot on grainy super-8 with continual camera movement)
3. It tells others you are an active photographer. (or VJ. Active meaning when they check out the dates on your stories they are frequently from the last few months. Keep adding on new and taking out old…this article recommends for still photogs 8-12 images. For VJs probably four stories is pushing it…and you should show a breaker or well-handled general news story/daily, a feature/in-depth which shows your ability to visualize, and if you are a true VJ, one that clearly demonstrates your writing/producing abilities)

Summarized: keep that demo reel, getaway reel, resume reel current. Continually check it over and update it. Analyze your personal style and make sure your visuals demonstrate your trademark style. Shoot shoot shoot.

Looks like an old lady is heading back into the field to heed the advice above…

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