Archiving is a headache…

…unless you begin it on Day One of your adventure into the digital world AND you keep it up every day. Ya see, whether pro or aspiring pro, you’re gonna shoot hundreds of photos and hours of video and generate an awful lot of “stuff.” A wise person, of course, reviews and edits down even the raw data/video/photos – but you’ve still got a LOT of stuff. Get behind for a day or a week and the headache begins.

Well cruising b-roll has paid off again!

Pro-User Dennis Hart was caught in a nightmare of a situation, attempting to search thru twenty or thirty hard drives with hundreds of projects on them when he discovered DiskLibrary from ObviousMatter.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“Indexes whatever’s on the disk automatically and puts it into a search-able data base. All for only $39. Tried it on a nearly full Terabyte drive and it worked flawlessly. Indexed thousands of files in under 15 minutes. Faster than data transfer. Highly recommend.”

I checked out their website and the program (which, from what I could see onsite is Mac only) will organize file formats from document to image to video and more.

Might be the magic pill for that oncoming headache…

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