Editing is akin to weaving…

…especially when you use something like Final Cut. Me, I use FC Express. Most of the goodies at a fraction of the cost.

Right now I’m working on a battle – good ole bboyz in each others’ faces, )break) dancing their hearts out.

Done it before, but this time I wanted to shove the dancers from each team at each other…so I’m spinning boxes, sliding images…and rendering like crazy.

If you take a gander at the timeline above, you’ll see that I’m up to four video and six audio tracks. And keeping track of what is where and what I’m placing next can be a nightmare.

See…I have a vision. My goal is to recreate the mood of a bboyz battle. And that requires clashing images and discordant sound. As with weaving, there are many threads – and not just audio and video. There’s the continuum of the timeline/story…there’s what’s there and what’s implied. There’s memories of past battles and future battles. Weaving all of those thread together into something coherent is gonna be a battle unto itself.

Below is a hour’s worth of work. Thirty-three seconds done. Gonna be a long weekend, but I know the final effort will be worth watching.

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