Welcome to the Land of the Inflatables…

Deep down within each of us is a twisted, tormented soul…wanting to break free and freely express itself.

My husband has no trouble with that. (Check out the header photo above.) While others are cheerfully decorating their homes with love and light, we get to look out our windows at the rumps of a dozen inflatables. All in the name of Christmas.

Ahhhh…Christmas. The hum of tiny pumps pushing air into colorful sacks. Rescue missions late at night to unclog air intakes and re-right drunken deer and penguins. Alas…some efforts are in vain. Santa is merrily tilting, listing, leaning…headed for his final year. We don’t have the heart to take him down before his big day.

Mr. Nutcracker has been in a terminal funk for days…we suspect his motor shorted. Out of respect, he too, will decorate the lawn as a limpid puddle of color.

However the penguin family…Frosty, Mr. Polar Bear, Winnie the Pooh, and Rudoph still brave the winter winds and rain, happily attracting something even stranger. Folks who stop their cars in their tracks to gaze at this improbable display. Would you believe taking several slow drive-bys? Yeah. It is kinda unworldly.

Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings. Cherish friends and family. Look forward to a wondrous New Year.


One thought on “Welcome to the Land of the Inflatables…

  1. Although we don’t decorate the outside of our house except for a wreath on the door and a small tree on the porch, I love to see these at other’s homes. I think they are fun, but I’m not happy when they are deflated and just lying there in a pool of plastic.

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