Immersed in a frozen world…

…the world of digital still photography.

Got called back to teach as a stand-in for a former fellow teacher out on maternity leave. The class: P-H-O-T-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y.

Aka painting with light.

Wow…talk about reliving the past. The class has me riding the Way-Back Machine to the sixties and early seventies as I began my journey as a visual storyteller, learning how to shoot and process film.

This can only get better.

Last week I jump-started the classes on color. Let’s harken back to kindergarten and remember what it was like squishing those bright finger paints between our chubby little fingers, making the blue run into yellow to make green, red into yellow to make orange and everything together to make a muddy black.

Lesson number one. Primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Black and white tones. Tints. Shades.

Lesson number two. Colors evoke emotions – the language of the many moods of color.

And this week…composition.

Ahhhhhh. The basics.

All of this, of course, is part of video. But it is a part I touch on briefly due to the many other essentials I need to cram into my students’ heads. For once it is fun to wallow in the simpler times and take the time to teach it right.

I only wish that photography were a pre-requisite for broadcasting.

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