Tremors felt widely…

Tremors from the Japanese megaquake will be felt for years to come in all areas…but one of the more immediate effects will be on the video production and broadcast industries.

According to this article in Broadcast Engineering,

“About 20 percent of all semiconductors and 40 percent of all flash memory chips in the world are made in Japan.”

All of the professional broadcast/production industry manufacturers have been affected to some extent…from minor to severe…at least one facility disappearing in the tsunami. Check out the article.

And expect prices on electronics to rise as shortages of necessary components appear. I’m keeping an eye on announcements from NAB next month in Vegas to see how bad the repercussions will really be.


One thought on “Tremors felt widely…

  1. Expect camera prices to go up soon. My local camera store says they are stopping all camera sales (as in discounts) in anticipation of diminishing supplies, especially for the high end gear. They say the area most effected is where quality lenses are ground and it’s not possible to work on products like that with interrupted power supplies.

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