What the ^)$#*@

This won’t be a biggie post, but something for those of you who drive yourselves and your gear long and hard. Just a reminder of something that slips my mind until the reality of not enough room on one of my portable hard drives goes from a minor inconvenience to a wake-up call (gosh, I sure am using a lot of cliches today).

No – you are NOT imagining things. That trusty old hard drive you rely on day in and night out IS shrinking in size.

I run gigabytes through my four portable hard drives the way some folks drink coffee. Dump in a project, edit, erase. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Problem is…those projects don’t totally disappear when erased. The hard drive retains little memories of everything it ever encountered…and those tiny bytes build up. It’s kind of a failsafe in the event you really really really need to retrieve something.

But the reality is, after a few months (more or less) of use, you begin to lose a gigabyte here…and there…until suddenly you’ve lost more than you can afford. My first portable hard drive (circa 2004 I think) was a 40GB LaCie. After about a year of use I couldn’t jam more than 12 gigs onto it.

The solution is to clean everything off…store somewhere else…and do a clean erase to thoroughly cleanse the drive. Erase it back to zero. Then you’re good for another go.

And that is what is happening to my current favorite drive. Last files loading over to a new drive and we begin the memory erase in a moment.

(happiness is the brand spankin new USB3 drive just acquired for backup)

(end of post)

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