An old debate put to rest…

Interesting read over at Poynter and the best explanation of the difference between bloggers and journalists I’ve seen. Short and to the point by Jim Romenesko.

…blogs are simply software.
…journalism is a craft…”

So not all journalists blog…and not all bloggers are journalists. Got it?


2 thoughts on “An old debate put to rest…

  1. I think we all need to move away from that debate anyway.

    Journalism is an act and sometimes a profession. Anyone can create journalism by simply informing the public with truthful information.

    Blogging is an act, but not usually a profession. Anyone can blog. But blogs don’t have to contain either truth or journalism.

    I think the real issue is punditry. Anyone can be a pundit, and they spout opinion both on blogs and sometimes as a part of a “journalistic enterprise.” This is the real problem. When we allow both journalism and opinion on the same “platform” like a “news channel” or in a newspaper, etc. This blurs the line between truth and opinion and ruins the value of both.

    • Good points Robert…this is one of those background arguments that most people pass on but those embroiled in the war of words seem to have trouble letting go (take a look at some days…they consider VJs and bloggers spawn of Satan).

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