Apparently photography IS a crime in Ohio…

Thanks to Canuckcam over at b-roll for this little item. Congressman Steve Chabot had police confiscate cell phones and recording devices from constituents at a town hall meeting. His reasoning? To protect the identities of his constituents.

So below is the recording made by TV news cameramen at the event who were allowed to record the meeting.

And here’s what was caught when two citizen’s protested and one of their cell phones kept recording.

Now YOU tell me what is wrong with the scenario. First – freedom of speech was squashed. Second, freedom of the press (and no – in this country NO ONE can define who is and is not media).

And strangely enough I’m not as upset at the police officer as the Congressman who gave the order to confiscate the devices. Unfortunately I’ve run into many uninformed cops who do not fully understand media rights…and who are willing to believe whatever they are told by higher-ups. I don’t absolve him either.

Yah think the Congressman has a chance of re-election?

Thanks to Amanda Emily for this update: the news has hit the mainstream media fans. Here’s the latest.


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