Not quite -30- yet…

Time to take a hiatus…a break. This blog has been up and running for nearly five years. Not much compared with say Lenslinger. But five years of both inspired and forgettable postings. And now the reason to rant and post is slowly dying. Five years ago the concept of singular storytelling…videojournalism…one man bands…backpack journalism was fresh and debatable. Now it is not only getting old and institutionalized, but it’s also become the poster child of savings for news departments looking for fast cheap content, who cut staff and pile more and more on those left behind. This is not the dream we all had for VJs…solo storytellers who would research, shoot, write, edit stories with insight and meaning. Those are out there (check out the facebook Storytellers group and b-roll), but more common are the Q & D in-and-out folks who are either overworked and doing the best they can or newbies who just wanna be TV stars.

So for a time…I’m stepping away and focusing on areas of interest other than this blog. There’s a book to be completed…stories to be told…and sunrises and sunsets to enjoy…

And while I seem to have stepped back from this blog, I have not stepped away from visual storytelling. It’s in my genes, just as it is in every child who wants to talk about their day or curl up in grandpa’s lap to hear about his childhood. We all want to hear and tell stories. And I want to break it down so that others can understand the steps to creating a solid story that communicates a thought…a timeline.

So see me not as gone…just hovering in the background, pondering…

(re-written 9/12/11)


8 thoughts on “Not quite -30- yet…

  1. I understand. Your blog made it to five years, mine was only three. I think there are some great new tools out there for sharing that has made the blog less important for me. I may still blog, but much less often – and then mainly as a source of info to share on Twitter, Facebook or maybe one day Google Plus (if I get an invite).

  2. Meh, you’ll be back. Something will happen that you’ll get p-o’ed about and then have to rant about it online.

    Though you could take those rants to b-roll since that site is rather even more dull and conversation-less since the disappearance of Chicago Dog…

  3. Sad to see you go but I understand what a commitment a regular blog can be. I’m lucky if I get something posted once a month. After 30 years “working for the man” I’m really enjoying the life of a freelance. I’m not getting rich but I’m working on stories I enjoy and I’m lucky enough to have lots of control over many of them.
    Over on the Facebook Storytellers page I do see some great OMB stories so it’s encouraging to see some people doing it.
    Best of luck.

  4. No…(besides this does not automatically “refresh” as a new post when I make changes)…I wanted to clarify. It seemed in the original post I was anti-VJ…I am very much pro one-man-band, but have run out of new things to say.

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