What’s new is old is new again…

I remember when CNN started up in the 70s. Friend of mine (a camerawoman) came up to me one day and said, “There’s this guy from CNN who said he’d make me a star!” She was smiling and I laughed. A cameraman a star? Seemed like a podunk idea…going nowhere fast. But THAT sure didn’t happen. CNN went on to become a worldwide organization.

Well what’s old is new again. Michael Rosenblum, the alleged “father of videojournalism”, is starting up a new network. (I say “alleged” in a friendly spirit…although he didn’t create the role or coin the term, he has most definitely promoted the concept.)

Here’s what’s out: it look as if this dream of his will be based in Nashville, where he is looking for staff. It appears contributors will be based on the VJ model. Beyond that…well we all get to wait together. Been having fun speculating with friends about where this is headed (and where it might head), and while ideas abound, real facts are kind of hard to nail down.

What I will say is, I hope it breathes some fresh air into a career that is sadly lacking at times. While there are some truly great cameramen and VJs out there and some stations and organizations that truly support them, they are in the minority. If Rosenblum is willing to pay a living wage to get the best, I wish him and his cause the best. If he is willing to support quality and ethical storytelling, go for it! There is a need for something beyond the bland flash that passes for news and visual storytelling today…dare we hope this is it?

(Transparency: along with probably thousands of others, I’ve tossed my resume into the pile headed Rosenblum’s way. With caveats of course. He has his standards and may reject me. Ditto my side re my requirements. Being retired does have its perks.)


3 thoughts on “What’s new is old is new again…

  1. Hi Cyndy
    I am looking to pay more than ‘a living wage’, but I am also looking for the very best of the very best. I am looking to establish the gold standard for journalistic quality and ethics. I think it’s a vacuum (on both counts) that needs to be filled. And, I am very much driven by visual storytelling. I am looking to build a kind of Magnum for video. And I think the time and the technology are right for it. And I don’t mind the ‘alleged’. Not guilty until proven and I have a lot left to prove. 🙂

  2. Thanks Michael…I guess I’ve been disillusioned by so much of what is happening in the economy that I truly cannot believe something until I see it for myself. My dream is that you (and others) succeed and create a safe haven for other dreamers. And I agree the time/technology are right.

    Alleged? Sorry about that – but it was that or “self-proclaimed.” If you pull this off I will indeed call you the Father of Videojournalism. With no complaints.

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