I love it when thoughtful management sees potential in employees and asks them to become Videojournalists. Chosen properly and allowed a reasonable amount of freedom in their work, VJs can produce stories as well as and often better than two-man crews. Take a look at Lenslinger, Stanley Roberts, and Michelle Michael. And they’re only the surface.

OK…so I hate it when management stomps in and tells nearly everyone in a shop they will become VJs because they are “underperforming.”

This news came from a trusted source and and first evidence I saw of it was then a KXTV crew showed up at an event with….a babycam? From the look on the shooter’s face, this was NOT the camera of choice. Heck, the entire body of the camera was about the length of his former camera lens.

Now you know I’m a big advocate of lean and mean and Videojournalism. But in the right place and at the right time. And punishing an entire staff and forcing what is essentially a cost-cutting hatchet job on them is not the best motivator.

Although, apparently, keeping your job may be the part that motivates.
I’m guessing it was a take this or shove your job move by management.


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