Three camera test…

…between my mainstay Panasonic AG-HMC150, Swann HD Freestyle (think Go Pro), and Kodak Playtouch (your basic Flip style camera). Initially the latter two look pretty good, especially with the water splash. However, if you take the time to check, the details in dark areas and highlights on the fruit are noticeably better on the Panasonic.

Shot in bright sunlight…all cameras on automatic.


Yeah…I’ve been wanting a Go Pro for some time now but can’t justify the $300+ it’s gonna cost.  But last year I got Daughter #2 something called a Swann.  Normally around $200 but every now and then you can find it on extreme sale.  So…check it out.  Note that I am not recommending it and do not claim it is as good as the Go Pros…but in eyeballing it, it sure meets my basic needs.  Reminder:  before any purchase, check the specs like a pro would.  Never ever buy something unless you know exactly what you are getting.


Ummm…now that I think about it, should give you a heads up. Sale is $140 but for three days only. Starting…a couple of hours ago.

…several days later (10.26.12)…the beast is here and below is the very first clip I shot.

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