Calling all (prospective) VJs in Egypt…

I kind of keep an eye on my blog stats and was surprised to see a sudden increase in hits from Egypt.  Considering the events there the past week, I kind of understand the desire by those caught up in the conflict to get the word out.  So consider this a primer – a quick and dirty lesson in telling a story and getting it out to the world audience.

One.  Your safety is paramount.  Watch your back, your sides and have a friend or friends with you to ensure you don’t go down.  A dead voice is an unheard voice.  (Please take care of yourself.)

Two.  KISS/keep it simple silly.  If you see something, record it.  Keep it to at least a minute, no more than three or  four.  Keeping it simple now will make it easier to upload later on.  Hold your camera (cellphone, whatever) steady and keep on the action.  For your protection you may want to tape over your LCD screen to it is not as evident you are shooting/you are masking the light from the screen.  Shoot a series of short clips.

Three.  Get it out.  If on a cellphone, post to youtube, vimeo…upload and get it off your device for the world to see.  You can add comments later.

Breaking news is simple.  Be honest.  Show what is happening.  Do not exaggerate or pontificate.  

And I return to my original message.  Take care of yourself.  Be careful.


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