Rant. (period)

OK folks…I get that you like to read these posting and even learn from them. But do me a favor.


No. Really.

Cameras, mikes, tripods. All are very personal choices. I research and buy what I know will work for ME. When I make the purchase I may have spent months checking out the offerings…and then winnowing it down based on my personal choices, experiences and my budget.

You are you.

I am me.

So get out there and first: figure out your budget. Know what you are comfortable with and how far you can push the budget without flinching.

And then know yourself. What do you already know and what are you willing to learn. A master tool in the hands of a master crafts(wo)man can create magic. That same tool in the hands of an aspiring storyteller can create visual chaos.

Begin simple. Don’t try to impress others (or even yourself) with the latest flash gear. Do what I did…after nearly thirty years working with multi-big-buck cameras I went out and bought a bottom-of-the-line Canon ZR10. And taught myself digital on it. And yes, it did hurt…both my self esteem and image. But I got over it because it ain’t what others think of you – it is what you think of yourself.

Once you’ve mastered the simple things then consider a move up.

But even then – don’t buy my gear. Buy your own. (Besides my gear is already wayyyy outa date.)


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