Disengaging from being paid to work…

I’m retired…meaning not working for pay. But there’s no way I can give up doing what I love most, which is shooting and producing videos. I’ve had to come up with a plan…a philosophy…so I can continue my love without compromising my ethics…and here it is, subject to revision.

1. If you have a budget or can get a budget I can’t work for you. Sorry…there are folks out there who make their living doing video production and you should be paying them, not looking for a freebie.

2. If I am interested we’ll talk. If I say no, I mean it. This is my life and my retirement and I get to decide how to spend it.

3. I’m pretty independent…so not a fan of committees or micromanagement. We can work together if you are willing to discuss your goals and ideas and then trust me to come up with a concept and final project. Yes, you’ll get to see it and have approval rights at certain stages. But refer back to #2 if you have questions.

4. I steer clear of personal videos such as weddings and birthdays and the kind of videos you should either do yourself or pay a pro for. Again, my life, my choice of how to spend it.

5. There are a couple of non-profits and other organizations I love working with and they take priority over everything else.

Life is meant to be lived as we choose when we retire. So my retirement is a combination of personal preferences (gardening, travel with the husband), volunteering, and continuing to work on videos.

And that said, here’s the latest done for the San Joaquin County OES. Yep – they had no budget but a great need to get the word out about the flood threat continuing through July and possibly into August this year. And I had a great need to find a truly challenging project and had the good fortune to work with a department of friendly professionals who are as passionate about their work as I am mine.

4 thoughts on “Disengaging from being paid to work…

  1. I came across your blog searching for blogs by a journalist for my News Writing class. I will soon retire from the military, my last 8 years I was a broadcast journalist and would like to continue in video editing but the military has me weary. So far your blog, especially this piece, in particular, it’s giving me some light at the end of my tunnel. You’ve gained a new follower in me and hopefully sparked a push in me starting a vlog/blog of my own! Thank you

    Fellow Video Gal,

  2. Hi Renee…
    Glad to hear from you. What branch are you in? You bring a lot of skills to the table if you’re looking for work. While jobs are more difficult to find and lower paying than in the past, if you have the passion you will not be sorry. Taking a hiatus and working on personal projects for a bit might re-ignite you.

    Please feel free to email me at cyndyvj@gmail.com.

  3. Good luck with the next phase of your creative life. It sounds exciting. Someone with your talents should continue with the artistry, just at your own pace and bidding so good for you. At age 55, I suddenly find myself unemployed after many years of being part of a graduate program in documentary filmmaking. Losing my livelihood and my collaborative filmmaking partners has been a bit of a shock to the system but I have to carry on. I have formed my own production company and am ready to dive into a variety of creative projects. I look forward to exchanging stories about our adventures. If you are ever in NC and need some free production help give me a shout! Best of luck.

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