Buy my stuff…


I’ll be working on some artist profiles over the next year with luck and need to move a few of them from wanting to sell their stuff to making the public wanting to purchase their vision.

As with any professional they love doing what they do…and like all of us they’d love to make a living doing what they love.

In order to help them get in the public eye (and to give myself some challenges and have some fun) I’ve offered to make a few videos. And I’ve found their take on the videos ranges from straightforward to visionary. The former as in, “Buy my stuff” and the latter an understanding that the purpose of the video is NOT to sell their stuff but to sell their insight and passion.

So the simplest of these videos, the least amount of work and most direct is “sell my stuff”. Artist introduces themselves, b-roll of “stuff”, artist explains s/he needs support to continue making “stuff”.

Second level is “I have passion and am a great artist and you want my stuff”. A bit more complex to produce…shots of artist working and explaining what they do and why they do it, perhaps a mention of where/how to buy stuff.

And third and highest level is “Connect with me…become one with my passion and my art”. This is totally a challenge both aesthetically and technically. The VJ must get inside the mind and soul of the artist and find the shots that delve into their drive and passion. It is as much about the artist working and the creative spirit as the final work of art. Any interview/sound from the artist would combine their technique and vision with the who, what, when, where, how, and why of being submerged in their passion. While “buy my stuff” can be shot and edited in a few hours, “connect with me” could take days…weeks (or if lucky) much less…depending on what the artist reveals duing shoots and the VJ’s ability to see beyond simple visuals.

So let’s see where this takes us. And a line from a pleine air artist I talked with years ago: An artist can’t not paint. Kinda like I can’t not tell visual stories.


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