Do-It-Yourself Light Box

Have an artist acquaintance who needs to take photos of his work (wire sculptures) for his website. We tried a jury rigged setup in his garage but the light (as expected) was too harsh. So I reverted back to my teaching days to make a home-made light box out of cardboard, tape, and white board. All you need ia a box big enough to hold what you want to shoot. Then follow the instructions below.

First – Assemble your materials and tools. Knife, ruler, marker, white board, white material/cloth.

Second – Measure your dimensions. I generally go with 2″ at the top and bottom and 1.5″ on sides.

Three – Measure (and then cut) three sides. The top should be left open. The .uncut side will be the back wall of the light box.

Four – Measure and cut white board to fit…you want a seamless curve in the back. Tape the top of the board to the rear top of wall.

Five – Have to go out and buy some pure white cloth, but measure and cut three pieces of material to fit the two sides and the top of the box. You can, if you wish, cut a fourth piece and make a hole in it for your lens for the front of the box. Tape into position. Remember to only tape front piece (if you did this) at the top so you can fold up to place objects inside.

You can use indoors with lights pointed at the top and sides or just take outside into shade or bright sun. Lovely diffused light. Enjoy.


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