Still shooting…


It appears that I’ll never be able to shake that camera out of my hand and life.  Fully retired since 2016.  No longer working paid gigs.  What’s a person to do?  Why volunteer of course!  But not in the normal sense…I’ve tried a few gigs with different organizations and they never quite fit.  Or maybe I just didn’t fit in.  Not much of a follower and not really good at taking orders (or suggestions).

So the ideal gig for retirement for an ex-newsie like me is to just keep telling those visual stories.  Have done quite a few for local veteran’s organizations and now that an acquaintence has a start-up online magazine featuring the lives and styles of the local waterways I’ve found a new outlet for my creativity and passion. is the brainchild of photography maven Rich Turner.  He has an exceptional eye for the visual and needed an outlet to share his work with the world.  He’s always been in love with the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (a rare inverted Delta and central to the great Central Valley of California).  And he’s letting those of us who are compelled to tell stories to join him in telling the stories of and sharing visuals of the area with both local and anyone with an interest.

Shameless self and friend promotion:  Soundings is a very small David standing up to a very large and often uncaring Goliath – the fleeting attention of a public too often distracted by the newest bright and shiny objects.   Enter the world of the Delta through the lens of this magazine and read whimsical stories such as water-skiing by plane and a great detective series that keeps me coming back for more (The Delta Detective ) or historic.

Or even my first contribution, The Frozen Bun Run.

And the most recent and the one I’m obviously trying to push on you: Delta Rivers & Flooding, a four part series on the lifeblood of the Delta – water.  Where water comes from, the dangers of wet winters with massive torrents of water coming from the hills and mountains.  Why this Delta is unique (hint: it’s frontass backwards in some ways).

So do both yourself and me a favor and check it out.  You’ll need to register but a good portion of great content is free to read.  Or watch.  You’re welcome.


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