Oh my aching head!

There are few things that make my head ache. Computer woes top that list though. Among the many (many, many) bits of far flung knowledge a VJ needs is a basic understanding of how their computer works. What are the parts and how does each piece of the internal puzzle that makes a computer hummmmm […]

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A shot visit to my roots…

…as a teacher. I never actually left the land of video but have been retired from teaching for some three plus years now. Last month I returned to Middle College High School where I went through the horror of learning how to teach. That was a truly tumultuous journey…from a single Digital Video Production class […]

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Know your rights…

Bad experiences teach valuable lessons. And one of these stems from the question of who owns your video. If you don’t keep track of who hired you and who you sold it to and the terms of agreement you may be SOL (somewhat to extremely out of luck). The following is over-generalized and meant only […]

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Going all academic on ya…

I like to challenge myself and do read the occasional academic paper. Just stumbled on a new one that explores an old and much loved theme: The Decisive Moment. This concept was hammered into my teenage brain in community college by the great Edwin Schwyn, who rocked and ruled the photography department at San Joaquin […]

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Parallel Light…

News is a 24/7 kinda business and there will be times you’ll need something to light up the night or fill in faces of interviews during the day. The former requires something easy to use and portable – an on-camera light with enough punch to reach out into the dark. The latter can be kinder […]

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Sans tripod…

This posting sprang out of a conversation begun over on the globalvjs facebook group. Someone asked which was the best camcorder for under $500 and I entered the discussion by showing off a video shot with my Kodak Playtouch. A simple P&S camera which I carry everywhere. No zoom, not much in the way of […]

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Think global…work local…

The VJ world is heating up, albeit primarily in the world’s hot spots. With the ever shrinking network budgets and a growing need for accurate coverage in the nooks and crannies of our expanding world, videojournalists are becoming a prime commodity. Why? They work locally. They know their area and its politics. Most importantly, they […]

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