Quandary or quagmire?

Which is it?

I’m torn between two worlds right now, with a deadline approaching.

Which camera to purchase? At first it was a simple problem. The Panasonic AG-HMC150 or the JVC GY-HM700? The deciding factor was the price and my budget. The 150 fit the budget, but the 700 has the little bit of extra “oomph” … a better/longer lens and the ability to change the lens out. All that for about three grand more. Ouch.

Then I decided to include the alien world of DSLRs. First just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything…then, as I dove deeper and deeper into research, I found myself actually seriously putting them on my list. Ouch. For an old die-hard videot like myself, this was sacrilege. I should be burned at the alter of analog…done in by digital demi-gods. Shudder.

So for now I’m looking at the Canon 5D MarkII and possibly the Canon 7D as well.

The latter fits the budget and the former has the goodies. Similar to my problems with the video cameras. One I can afford and one I want…but I also know that no matter what I can afford or want, there will always be another camera just out of my range. Time to get realistic.

Both of the video cameras are familiar territory. I know how they shoot…where the controls are…how far and hard I can push them. The DSLRs are an unknown…but I’ve been wowed by their quality. I do see that they have minimal audio input and controls…a biggie for me. Audio is right up there with video quality – the two are inseparable.

So now I sit on a pretty damn uncomfortable fence…researching, thinking, asking question. With about three weeks to go until I make the final final.

(for those of you who are confused by two seemingly similar “Q” words: a quandary is a state of uncertainty or perplexity and a quagmire is NOT a character on Family Guy, but a situation from which extrication is very difficult. Meaning I may be stuck in a state of indecisiveness for a long long time.)

Addendum 2/24/2011
Well that was faster than I thought it would be. Thanks to reader comments, facebook input, and Chuck Fadley over at the Yahoo newspaper video board, I’ve moved on and am only considering video cameras again. The DSLRs are wonderful – don’t get me wrong. But they are not for me. Despite the amazing quality of the video, the limitations on shooting (12 minutes) and lack of embedded audio (mini-jack input only or go with what essentially amounts to a double sound system) put me off. Plus the alien (to me) design. I’ve used DSLRs and love them for still shooting – but slinging one for video just wouldn’t be the same…so added on to other factors, I’m back in familiar territory. Video cameras are meant for run and gun or slow and careful…and there IS a choice.
Cameras still on the horizon include the Pano HMC150 and Sony Z5u, with others still on the fringe. I pulled back and did a reality check on my budget…everytime I scanned the possibilities, I kept seeing better and more expensive gear. That is NOT what this is about…it’s about getting the idea camera in a set price range. The Sony is actually OUT of that range…but that long lens keeps pulling at me. Sigh.


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