Not quite -30- yet…

Time to take a hiatus…a break. This blog has been up and running for nearly five years. Not much compared with say Lenslinger. But five years of both inspired and forgettable postings. And now the reason to rant and post is slowly dying. Five years ago the concept of singular storytelling…videojournalism…one man bands…backpack journalism was fresh and debatable. Now it is not only getting old and institutionalized, but it’s also become the poster child of savings for news departments looking for fast cheap content, who cut staff and pile more and more on those left behind. This is not the dream we all had for VJs…solo storytellers who would research, shoot, write, edit stories with insight and meaning. Those are out there (check out the facebook Storytellers group and b-roll), but more common are the Q & D in-and-out folks who are either overworked and doing the best they can or newbies who just wanna be TV stars.

So for a time…I’m stepping away and focusing on areas of interest other than this blog. There’s a book to be completed…stories to be told…and sunrises and sunsets to enjoy…

And while I seem to have stepped back from this blog, I have not stepped away from visual storytelling. It’s in my genes, just as it is in every child who wants to talk about their day or curl up in grandpa’s lap to hear about his childhood. We all want to hear and tell stories. And I want to break it down so that others can understand the steps to creating a solid story that communicates a thought…a timeline.

So see me not as gone…just hovering in the background, pondering…

(re-written 9/12/11)


New links to updated sites…

In anticipation of the New Year, my other two wordpress sites have been updated.

Check out The Basics of Videojournalism, an overview of a textbook on visual storytelling I am currently working on.

Also, beginning in June I’ll be out and available for hire as a freelance videojournalist – the site for that is think-news.

If you look to the left in the sidebar, you’ll see I’ve added both sites to the blogroll.

Back in the blog-o-sphere mix…

My love affair with blogging seems to be an off-again, on-again situation. No matter…I’m baaaaccckkk!

Been hopping around and reading some of my old on-line faceless friends. Howard Owens is back and now requires registration to comment. Guess that simplifies screening incoming comments…but it’s another hurdle to access. If it weren’t for the fact I like reading his posts I wouldn’t have bothered (not to mention some of the steamy arguments generated by his views).

Lenslinger is back too. From vacation. He is my link to my past love affair with TV shooting.

Kathleen Newell has one of her still gems posted on light and leaves. I wish I had her eye.

The only blog I’ve been visiting regularly is newsvideographer. Hey – maybe that’s the problem. Is my creative energy being drained to THAT site because I’m a contributor? Nah. (Don’t worry Angela…I’ve come to peace with how to divide our worlds…and I love being part of your world. But it is possible to become kinda schitzo with two blogs.)

Now I need to get further out of the rut I’ve been snoozing in, so feed me some exciting new links. I’m hungry for fresh fodder.

FYI: Yeah, the header changed. I’m going to be trying some new visuals out over the next few weeks.

Ya can’t keep a good shooter down…

I felt a sense of hope and serenity when I used my own link from my blogroll to find Richard Koci Hernandez again. Left the link up as a sign of respect for the blog that was everything good about still photogs moving into video and multimedia – and for the photog who got me started on blogging.

This is not an earth-shaking blog in the sense that it will lead us all to Mecca. No, it is more a look into Richard’s soul. youarenotyourego…kind of says it. The first post I read – the man in the hat – is more a look into what drives all who visualize…all who create.

There’s a saying I once heard from a plein aire artist: “I can’t not paint.” I think that applies to all photo-video-mulitmedia-journalists. We can’t not see and we can’t not document. There is something in us that forces us to look below layers and try to see truth. To find the meaning of the universe in a glance, a movement, a moment. A compulsion to document this slice of time to show to others…not for recognition but so that they can see and understand our vision. Or not.

I don’t remember stories I’ve done so much as moments of time burned into my retina. A burned firefighter breaking down as his burned hands press against a hospital window as an engine bearing the body of his fallen partner passes by. A look of innocence as a small child turns in wonder while riding a cable car. The blurred shapes of firefighters dropping their gear and running for their lives as a fireball roars down a mountain. A moment of silence which is broken by the call of a red-winged blackbird. A wail…a honest-to-God Biblical wail..from a father whose daughter is missing/much later discovered dead.

We should all watch Richard as he gropes along through this thing we call life…and watch for his moments of truth. And mourn with him for moments lost.

Creating a blog/creating a story

This site is under construction.
My plans are to link to resources for videojournalists with tips to newbies on the process of creating a story, as well as new technology.
I’m on the same roller coaster ride as many of you…I know a process and am working to learn how to use that process in a new world. Your input/suggestions are appreciated.

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