Guest Comments: Rick Reynolds

I know I said I would back away from blogging for a time…but these comments by former news director Rick Reynolds are too powerful to ignore. I’ve known Rick for more than twenty years (hard to believe) and have great respect for him. I saw him enter the news director’s office with enthusiasm and passion…and […]

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Handling hype…

Once again Poynter has come through with a great overview of how to tell when a major story has been hyped. Author Julie Moos’ definition: Hype is the discrepancy between the real value of something and the perceived value of that same thing. She also provides the some criteria to help you decide whether a […]

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More ethical dilemmas…

Thanks to Amanda Emily (who loves to toss stuff into the gears of both large and small minds), we have yet another tool for ethical debate. Well, not so much debate – it’s wrong in oh so many ways. But interesting nonetheless. According to a report in, AN IMAGE processing system that obscures the […]

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Story Ideas 10.31.10

What would you make of an ad like the following (found on craigslist in wanted section)? Looking for someone to help me with “History Of The Movies” community college coursework. Project consists of reading, writing, weekly quizzes, and tests. Course is 100% online. I’m 50% finished with it, just got hit with a ton of […]

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Diminished reality…

This via OHITLT and real time manipulation of video. Huh? What doest THAT mean? Well…let’s say you’re setting up for a live skype and you notice there chipped paint on the wall behind you. No time to grab a brush and fix it, so you hop into your Diminished Reality software and erase it. […]

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Journalism is a conversation…

…and now the audience is being asked to participate more than ever. Al Tompkins with the Poynter Institute did a posting today about how The Center for Public Integrity is asking the public to monitor the upcoming elections. How? Well, apparently all kinds of dirty tricks go on all over the country and it’s just […]

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