Crushing dreams for being realistic?

We all have dreams. A better life. Being thinner, richer. Sometimes material things. Sometimes something else. Hopefully though we all have a way to balance our dreams with the real world and not spend life wallowing in regrets. When I look back at my life I see that many of my dreams never materialized through … Continue reading Crushing dreams for being realistic?


The Studio Assignment

With the studio really up and running, I want to expand the possibilities. Last spring I gave out an abbreviated form of this lesson - which didn't quite work cause of technical issues in the control room. This year advanced students will produce a talk show as the major part of their second quarter grade. … Continue reading The Studio Assignment

Stacking the studio show…

Audiences love both novelty and familiarity. They want consistency, but also look forward to change. Here's how to make these opposites work. The consistency/familiarity are the format of the show. Have a recognizable format. Here's mine: One minute bars/ten second countdown (not part of the show/professional requirement) Show open Anchor intros Pledge of Allegiance or … Continue reading Stacking the studio show…