Papers all graded and I still have a job…

Below is the Mamie Starr Performing Arts Center at Ronald E. McNair High School. Quite a mouthful, I know. My home is hidden in the rear of the building…formally titled the “Green Room,” which is ironic since of course that’s my last name…it is actually the TV studio.

McNair Theater

The grading was the hard part. Thirty finals on “The Pearl” (taken a month ago and I just couldn’t get into them for some reason) and twenty freshmen research papers. Then later this week it will be thirty finals on “House on Mango Street” and twenty freshman district assessments. The latter will be a snap to grade – run through the scanner and done!

Oh – and ten advanced broadcasting videos. If any of them is smart enough to check out my blog, they’ll get advance warning here. A storyboard for a thirty second video which they must shoot (keeping in mind lessons they had on manual camera controls, lighting, and composition) and edit.

Still having a job is bittersweet. Apparently the district handed out the pink slips a week ahead of the deadline this past Friday and either they couldn’t find me or I’m not getting one. Most likely the latter.

The bitter part is how many folks DID get pink slips. In excess of 200 teachers plus additional cuts in other fields. Just in my district.

Of course – take nothing for granted. It ain’t over until the legal deadline, which is March 15. After that I breathe easy….


More on KOVR layoffs…

kovr logo

Twenty-six total from what I’m hearing and all over the place…both KMAX and KOVR. A couple of reporters, two photogs, engineers, sales. Most of the photo staff made it through…but one of my old shooter-buddies didn’t. Marty Hernandez – a veteran with an infectious smile and love of life and news. He took the buyout and is moving on.
This apparently is a CBS edict – make cuts and try to save the ship. That ship is gonna have to grow wings and fins and feet in order to compete in the new world.

What the heck is going on here?

Big shock…and a sense of impending doom. Just caught a news flash on KCBS/San Francisco that the publisher of the San Jose Mercury News is offering a buy-out to all 1,100 employees of that paper, the Oakland Tribune and more than a dozen other papers. Read about it here.

This site has more…the actual announcement to employees from President/Publisher John Armstrong.

Many members of SFBAPPA work at these papers. Some of the brightest and best…folks who lead the way into video for the Internet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of them…

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