A sudden awareness of something wonderful! And it all came about because a former reporter asked where the reporters were in the photograph of newsreel cameramen that graces my facebook page. I responded that there were no reporters…just cameramen until the late 20s when soundmen appeared with all of their apparatus.


No reporters for a visual storytelling media. Wow.

Well, of course – just ask Amanda Emily of newsphotog.com – there were writers back at the main headquarters, who took in the reels shot by the field cameramen and with the help of editors turned them into fodder for the masses.

But the sole responsibility of gathering information and visuals was done by newsreel cameramen, who were looked up to heros of the day.

In fact (I’m guessing here folks – and I know Amanda WILL correct me if I’m off base) there probably weren’t any real in-front-of-the-camera reporters until TV happened along.

So those of you lenslingers, shooters, camera carriers, BPJs, one-man-bands, videojournalists out there, laboring without any apparent support. YOU are who I salute today. You can trace your roots back to a noble profession that broke ground at the beginning of moving pictures.

Now quit wallowing in your glory and pick up that fifty pounds of gear and get back to work.

Lens slings his hat into the ring…

Angela Grant’s Newsvideographer.com is becoming a regular meeting place for like minds from all media. Today there’s a post from a name familiar to those who haunt the media Internet – Stewart Pittman aka Lenslinger.


Lenslinger blogs on Viewfinder Blues and has a way with words that few print people can equal. Plus he’s a veteran of the one-man-band, a regular VJ with attitude.

I commend Angela for grabbing him…her site is headed towards becoming what is sorely needed in this time of traumatic transition – a meeting place for anyone and everyone who truely loves news and visuals.

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