So why won’t you cover MY story?

Used to hear versions of this every day when I was still working the field. How come you're covering THAT story? Why don't you do some GOOD news? I called your station and they won't cover (insert grand opening of brother's store, daughter's ballet recital, So I'm about to give away some dirty little … Continue reading So why won’t you cover MY story?

Story Idea 12.26.2010

...and the last one on a regular basis. In one week I'm back behind the teacher's desk, whipping my minions into shape. This time as a long-term sub for an about-to-be-mom teacher. In photography - the art of freezing time. So what's in store for this week? How bout something near and dear to home? … Continue reading Story Idea 12.26.2010

Story Ideas 9.26.10

Tradition...a word with BIG MEANING. Tradition has warm connotative meanings - reaching into the past and remembering what has been and will always be. Think holiday traditions. Foods that are cooked for certain celebrations. Colors and sounds. Smells...all tied in with good feelings. But tradition also has a negative connotative meaning. The rut. The way … Continue reading Story Ideas 9.26.10