Story Ideas 10.31.10

What would you make of an ad like the following (found on craigslist in wanted section)? Looking for someone to help me with "History Of The Movies" community college coursework. Project consists of reading, writing, weekly quizzes, and tests. Course is 100% online. I'm 50% finished with it, just got hit with a ton of … Continue reading Story Ideas 10.31.10

Story ideas (from Oz) 10.24.10

I "friended" a random person on facebook recently...and since have been reading his postings with great interest. So this week's story ideas are courtesy information garnered from him. Peter Brown is a clinical psychologist in my hometown, Brisbane, Australia. Today he posted a Courier Mail story on how fear of pedophiles is putting all men … Continue reading Story ideas (from Oz) 10.24.10