Think global…work local…

The VJ world is heating up, albeit primarily in the world’s hot spots. With the ever shrinking network budgets and a growing need for accurate coverage in the nooks and crannies of our expanding world, videojournalists are becoming a prime commodity. Why? They work locally. They know their area and its politics. Most importantly, they […]

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Heads up – this is a “shameless self-promotion” posting. My visual storytelling business is up and running. While small (with intentions to stay that way), I have plans to make it big – in quality. Although I’ve dabbled a bit with video production and its many challenges, I find my love of news and storytelling […]

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Two views (or more) of VJs…

In the beginning there was the Newsreel Cameraman. Hauling around more gear than a pack mule, he (no shes back then) covered the news and view of the nine-teens and twenties, joined by an Audio Man in 1927. That was the original VJ. Rough and tumble, but always got the story. These NR guys held […]

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Look out for them predators!

A year or two back I started seeing job postings for “predators” for broadcast news shows. Did not have a clue…originally I thought they wanted hungry workers willing to do anything to track down a story. Now it seems the predator is the employer…hiring producer/editors. Once again merging the jobs of two people into one. […]

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