Fish continued…

Sorry for the lack of postings, but if you’re a high school teacher you’ll understand. School began a few weeks back and I’m having trouble getting back in the groove. Two new classes, new curriculum. Unable to access my room until school began. Yeah…I’m laggin.

But not in the video department. Managed to sling out another story for the Lodi News Sentinel. And (see two stories immediately below) am heading up the hill Monday evening to follow the Caples Lake fish story. Caples is in one of the pristine areas of the Sierra Nevada range…crisp, clean. Images so sharp your eyes hurt when you look around.

I’ll be up there to document (and hopefully help out with) the fish rescue. Must remind myself to take lots of towels and zip-lock bags to protect gear. I’ll be introducing the story to my students over the next few days, asking them what questions they would ask, who they would question, what shots they would get…and when I return I’ll show them what I got by following their suggestions.

And then some…it seems to me, from what I’ve been hearing, there may be something fishy about this rescue. Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Fish continued…

  1. can you ask a question on my behalf please? Its about the fish……

    fried or poached?


    good luck. I wish I could join you instead of being on my 4th straight 18 hour shift in a row on 5 videos of dead kids families for a knife crime special that they ‘ forgot’ to plug properly for tomorrows paper!

    happy hiking

  2. Ocukereeno. Thanks for taking me back to the “fun” times.
    My husband has already asked me to bring those who do not survive the trip home for proper “services.”
    Going up for several reasons – first and formost to help out but also since I’ve been hearing through the grapevine that this may be an effort by Fish and Game to get some good publicity and that the survival rate may be very low…want to document the success (I hope) or failure if need be.

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